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 About Ms. Brooks 

Ms. Brooks is a native of the Bronx. She has a decade of experience in education and has been employed at Mother Hale Academy since 2011. Ms. Brooks is married with three children. Her motto is it takes a village to raise a child and expects the involvement of parents and guardians to support the progress of students. She has an open door policy which invites parents to visit during instructional time whenever they are available. In addition Ms. Brooks invites parents to assist in the classroom through reading, chaperone trips, and creating crafts. With this in mind please do not limit yourself to parent teachers conference to speak with Ms. Brooks. If you have a concern or comments contact her via email or school number  provided below.

Email address:
School number: 718-292-4628

Grade/Subject: Kindergarten/ Common Branch


 Place Picture of Teacher  Brief History

 Place Picture of Teacher  Brief History